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In the literary world nothing speaks of non-professionalism like textual and grammatical errors in your work. Before you send that manuscript to your prospective publisher, before you submit that all-important thesis paper, before your new business website goes live, make sure everything is in it's right place. Every word, every sentence, every full-stop. At Oraculum you can be assured that your important work is perfect in its every detail. We are very competitively priced, and you will recieve an obligation free quote upon your documents submission.


A professional eye

Oraculum proofreading and editing is conducted by an experienced writer, specialized in editorializing and professional document appraisal.

Upon completion of your proofreading project you will receive a detailed summary of all changes and corrections made by the editor. You have a moneyback guarantee that after Oraculum has proofread your document it is 100% perfect to a publishing industry standard of spelling, sentence structure and grammar.